Home Repair Spell


  • Cantaloupe
  • 2 yellow votive candles
  • 10 marigold blossoms
  • Knife
  • Spoon

Cut the cantaloupe in equal halves. Clean out the seeds with a spoon. Place one votive candle in each half. Surround the candles with marigold blossoms, arranging them so that the blooms are not right on top of the flame to keep them from burning.

Cast a circle, call the quarters, and invoke deity.

Hold your hands over the melon and unlit candle. Visualize the room or object as you would like it to look when the repair is completed. In your mind, add the sounds it might make. Light the candle, visualizing Spirit entering your house, bringing happiness, harmony, love, and joy. Allow the candle to burn completely. (Note: You will have to watch this spell as it is possible, depending on the circumstances, that the flowers might ignite.)

Carry the melon to an area where the candle can safely burn. When the candle goes out, offer the melon, candle, and flowers to the four quarters outside, then leave outside on your property.