Holy Water


  • Small bowl of water
  • Small bowl of salt
  • Container to save the water in
  • Athame
  • Bell

Cast a magick circle. With your finger, draw the inverted triangle representing water on the center of your altar. Place the cup of water in the center of the triangle, and the bowl of salt beside it. Ground and center, then take several deep breaths and relax. Draw the banishing water pentagram over the bowl of water, saying:
"I cleanse thee of all negativity in this world and all others, so mote it be."

Visualize white light surrounding the bowl of salt. Again, using the banishing earth pentagram, repeat the process over the container that will eventually hold the water for storage.

Hold the water bowl in both hands, and say:
"Sweet Spirit (or deity), I ask thee for your blessings upon this water. I consecrate it in your name. May it be used only for good and its power be magnified tenfold."

Blow three times on the water, imagining that the white light is sparkling in the water. Replace the bowl of water in the triangle and draw the invoking water pentagram over the bowl. Pick up the bowl of salt and say the same thing, blow on the salt, set the bowl down, and draw the invoking earth pentagram over the bowl. Bless the storage container exactly as you did the salt.

Slowly add three pinches of salt to the bowl of water, stirring clockwise three times with your athame or your finger. Hold your athame firmly in both hands over the bowl of water and slowly lower the athame into the water, firmly saying:
"As the rod is to the God, so the chalice is to the Goddess, and together they are one. I empower thee for positive work in perfect love and perfect trust. So mote it be."

Imagine white sparks flying out of the water and your entire altar vibrating with positive, magickal energy. Ring the bell three times. Draw an equal-armed cross in the air over the water to seal the energies. Transfer to the storage container and close it. Repeat the equal-armed cross procedure, and say:
"This container is sealed. So mote it be."

Thank the elements of earth and water, thank deity, and release the circle.