Holy Water


  • 1 teaspoon rose water (optional)
  • 3 tablespoons sea salt or Kosher salt
  • 1 small bowl of spring water
  • 1 clean glass container
  • 1 new compact mirror
  • 1 small storage bottle
  • Work cloth

Time: Midnight during a Full Moon

Place: Outdoors under the moon, or near a window that will reflect the light of the moon

Set out your work cloth and all ingredients upon it.

Take five or six deep breaths to relieve the stress of the day.

Cast your magick circle. Hold your arms outstretched in the Goddess position. Say:
“In the cloak of the midnight hour
I call upon the Ancient Power
I seek the presence of the Lady and Lord
To bless this water that I will pour.”

At this point, you should feel the energy of Earth Mother and Skyfather move about your feet and head. Feel your own energy expand around your navel and then unite with Divinity. Take your time; no need to rush.

Add the rose water to the spring water. Pick up the bowl of water, hold it toward the light of the moon, and say:
“In my hands I hold the essence of the Gods. I hereby cleanse and consecrate this water to Divinity that it may be used for positive acts only and may aid me in my magickal work.”

Feel the energy of the Moon Goddess pulsate down into the water. Imagine Her silver light descending from the heavens and impregnating both the water and yourself. You will feel a “glowy” sensation.

Set the water down and pick up the salt. Feel the power moving in your arms as you raise the salt toward the moon. Say:
“In my hands I hold the essence of Earth Mother; She whose bounty sustains all living creatures. I hereby consecrate this salt to Divinity that it may be used for positive acts only and may aid me in my magickal work.”

As with the water, imagine the energy of the Moon Goddess empowering the salt.

Set the salt down and pour a little into the bowl of water, and stir clockwise three times. Repeat this process twice more.

With the bowl in your left hand and the mirror in your right, reflect the light of the moon off the mirror and into the bowl. After a few moments say:
“This liquid is now pure and dedicated to the Lord and Lady. It is free from all negativity in any time and any space.”

Set the bowl and mirror down and hold both of your hands, palms down, over (not touching) the bowl, about one inch above the water.

Let the vibrations of your body come alive. Open your third eye chakra and imagine a glowing purple light emanating from it. Form an open triangle with your hands over the water and project the light into it. In your mind, see the water change color and glow. Feel the power and energy flow from your head down through your arms and up from your feet and out from your arms simultaneously. When you feel the energy begin to dissipate, slowly lower your hands and say:
“As I will
So mote it be
With the free will of all
And harm to none
This formula is done!”

You may ground your energy in two ways. Either place your hands physically upon the ground and feel the energy drain into the Earth Mother, or imagine your energy as a force field around you, and quietly step back out of the skeleton of energy and watch it collapse it upon itself and melt into the ground.