High Moon Love Spell


  • A white candle
  • Sandalwood incense and censor
  • A ballpoint pen
  • A silver needle or pen
  • A photo of your lover or prospective lover
  • Soft music

Do this spell on a full moon.

Set up your altar, and then draw a magick circle of light and call in the elemental powers. Invite your favorite love goddess or god into the circle, and then light the incense and turn on some soft music.

Inscribe your initials and your lover’s initials in the candle. Do this so the initials overlap each other. Place the photo in front of the candle.

Take the silver needle and bath it in the incense smoke for a few moments, and then pierce the wick of the unlit candle with it. Leave the needle in the candle wick. Light the candle, merge with the passionate power of fire, and say:
“Sacred flame of the full moon,
Fill me with love and make it soon.
Sacred light, burn bright,
Bring to me my soul’s delight.
Blessed be! So mote it be!”

Gaze into the candle as it burns down. As you do this, imagine being with your love.

Take the silver needle and fasten it to the top right corner of the photo. Place the photo with the needle under your bed.

Lastly, bid farewell to the elements, thank the deity, and pull up the circle.