Hex Breaking


  • Black taper candle
  • White wax
  • Quilting pin
  • Cauldron or metal pot
  • Holy water

First you must dip the black candle in melted white wax nine times. This represents the hidden nature of your attacker’s curse and shows that it cannot hide from you.

Next carve the following along the base of the candle with a quilting pin. Each verse should form one of four lines that run from the base of the candle to the top of the candle. Be sure to write small enough so that all four verses will fit.

Thy Will I See,
2mn3at4.jpgAnd Spells I Bind.
2mcilv4.jpgI Banish You
34qk0bd.jpgAnd All Your Kind

Then place the candle in a cauldron or other large metal container. Metal disburses energy which is why many practitioners will not use a metal knife as an athame unless they are banishing some entity or force. Metal has the power to disrupt and scatter unwanted energy hanging over you in much the same way a lightning rod can drive the massive energy of a lighting bolt into the ground and spare an entire house from fiery ruin. Whatever kind of container you use whether it is a cast iron cauldron or a copper pot, make certain it is metal. Drip a small amount of the white wax onto the inside center of the metal container and quickly press the base of the candle into it so that it will remain there.

Pour just enough Holy Water in the container so that the level of the water is half as high as the height of the candle. Take special care not to wet the wick. Recite the following nine times:
"Thy will I see and spells I bind.
I banish you and all your kind."

Light the candle and allow it to burn down until it is extinguished. It is especially important to allow this candle to burn all the way down without interruption. If you must stop the spell for any reason, you must begin again with a fresh candle. Discard the incomplete spell candle into running water, the same as you should with a completed spell candle, i.e. a candle that has been allowed to be extinguished by the water’s touch to the lighted wick.