Healing Blessing for Animals


  • Photo of your animal from when healthy
  • 1 candle

Hold the photo in your hand. Sit quietly and try for no interruptions, if possible. Close your eyes and ground and center. At this point you can hold the animal while saying or singing a chant, or if the animal isn’t of the cuddly type, repeat the words from afar holding the picture. If you are holding the animal, place the picture under a cleansed, consecrated, and empowered candle.

As you hold the animal or picture, try to reach that still point where you feel connected with all things. Remember deep breathing and calming techniques and use them if necessary. In your mind, reach out and encompass your pet in white light.

Allow the light to grow until it feels strong and pure. Begin chanting “I am”, finding your magickal voice and allowing the sound to resonate throughout your entire body.

Practice three times daily until your pet is healed.