• Grey silk poppet
  • Mugwort
  • Nettle
  • Rose quartz
  • Small piece of hair or fingernail
  • Rose oil

Fashion a small poppet from gray silk with mugwort and nettle herbs as stuffing. Place a small piece of rose quartz in the center of the doll where the heart should go and be sure to add a small piece of hair or fingernail paring of the target before sewing up the doll completely. Anoint the doll with rose oil and recite each of the following passages four times while you hold the doll between your hands:
"It is not cold.
Your flesh is not cold.
It is warm.
Your flesh is warm.
Warmth of the waters finds you.
Warmth of the sun finds you.
Warmth of the earth finds you.
Warmth of the heavens find you.
Warmth of my heart finds you.
Your flesh is warm.
It is warm.
Your flesh, body and mind are healed.
So be it."

Toss the doll in running water and wait until it rains before returning to the site.