Headache Relief


  • Green candle
  • Peppermint or lavender oil
  • Background music
  • Raspberry-catnip or chamomile tea

Dress a green candle with peppermint or lavender oil. Use peppermint or lavender incense. Suggested background music is soothing rain.

Cast a circle if you like. Ask the Angels of Healing to assist you. Invoke the deities: Advilleona the Goddess of Ibuprofen and Tylenollgone the God of Acetaminophen.

As you light the candle chant:
“My pain is gone,
I hurt no more,
Tension flies right out the door!”

Now laugh-out-loud to dispel the pain.

Sip raspberry-catnip or chamomile tea and relax, let the tension float away.

Now say:
“My pain is gone,
You see I'm free,
So now I'm smiling happily!”

Thank the Goddess Advilleona, the God Tylenollgone, and the Angels. Open the circle!