Harmony Oil


  • 8 ounces light canola oil (or jojoba)
  • 4 bags of chamomile tea
  • 1 bag earl gray tea
  • 2 bags of cinnamon apple tea
  • Pot
  • Jar and lid

Carefully heat the oil over a low flame, just until it is warm; do not overheat.

Remove from the flame and add the tea bags (After snipping off the string and tags from the tea bags, just drop the whole tea bag in the oil.) Stir gently to saturate the bags.

Place the pot over a low flame and reheat for a few minutes.

Pour the warm oil and tea bags into a clean jar and seal with a lid. Place the jar on a window sill for two weeks, where it will receive full sunlight. Gently swirl the mixture several times daily.

Label the bottle with the starting date and the oil "name". At the end of the two weeks strain the oil out and gently squeeze each teabag over a coffee filter lined sieve, and let the oil drip into the jar.

Drop in a few drops of benzoin or a bit of Orris root, to act as a "fixer".

Carefully bottle the strained oil and label it with its intended use. Consecrate the finished oil in your traditions fashion.