• Rings
  • Holy water
  • Incense
  • Parting settlement

Note: Before the ceremony the couple will sit with the Priest and Priestess and work out a fair division of their property, plus provision for support of any children of the marriage. A scribe will make note of this and the record will be signed by all. If either husband or wife are not available for the rite (by reason of relocation, ill health or whatever), then a Witch of the appropriate sex may stand in for the missing party. The rite will take place in this fashion only if there is a signed agreement from the missing party, together with the marriage ring.

The Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.

Covener: "(Husband's name) and (Wife's name), stand forth."

Husband and Wife stand before the altar, Husband facing Priestess and Wife facing Priest.

Priestess: "Why are you here?"

Husband: "I wish a Handparting from (Name)."

Priest: "Why are you here?"

Wife: "I wish a Handparting from (Name)."

Priestess: "Do you both desire this of your own free will?"

Husband & Wife: "We do."

Priest: "Has a settlement been reached between you regarding the division of property and (if appropriate) care for the children?"

Husband & Wife: "It has."

Priest: "Has this been duly recorded, signed and witnessed?"

Covener-Scribe: "It has."

Priest: "Then let us proceed, remembering that we stand ever before the gods."

Husband and Wife join hands. They repeat the following, line by line, speaking together.

Priestess: "Together repeat after me: ‘(Name), do hereby most freely dissolve my partnership with (Spouse's name). I do so in all honesty and sincerity, before the Gods, with my brothers and sisters of the Craft as witnesses. No longer are we as One, but now are Two individuals, free to go our separate ways. We release all ties, one to the other, yet ever will we retain respect for one another, as we have love and respect for our fellow Wiccans. So be it.'"

Priest: "Hand Part!"

Husband and Wife release each other's hands, remove their marriage rings and give them to the Priestess. She sprinkles and censes them, saying:
"In the names of the Gods do I cleanse these rings."

She returns them to the couple, to do with them as they wish.

Priestess: "Now are you handparted. Let all know you as such. Go your separate ways in Peace and in Love — never in bitterness — and in the ways of the Craft. So mote it be."

All: “So mote it be.”

Then shall follow the ceremony of the Cakes and Ale and the Clearing the Temple.