Guardian Angel Ceremony to Call Your Guardian Angel to You


  • 4 white pillar candles
  • White bowl filled with spring water
  • Empty white bowl
  • Pillar candle the color of the day you were born
  • 7 herbs that match the day you were born
  • Incense
  • White sheet
  • Lodestone
  • Small white drawstring bag
  • Straight backed chair
  • 4 fire safe plates

Time: First or second quarter of the moon, preferably on the day that matches the day you were born

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies, take off your shoes, and place the white sheet on the floor of your magickal work area. Place the chair in front of the altar, on the sheet.

Cast the circle, call the quarters and invoke the deities. Place the four white candles around the chair in fire safe holders and on fire safe plates. Be careful not to knock them over or catch clothing on the flames when they are lit. Carry the lit incense around the room in a clockwise direction. Light the guardian candle and place on the center of the altar. In your own words, ask your guardian angel to come to you. Mix the herbs together in the white bowl without the water. Place the lodestone in the bowl of spring water and put that bowl in front of the chair (not so close you knock it over). Scatter the herbs on the sheet around the base of the bowl.

Moving clockwise, light the four candles around the chair. Sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor, your back straight and your palms up, relaxed in your lap. Take seven deep breaths. Repeat the following softly until you begin to grow drowsy:
“Guardian angel, come to me, come to me,
I need you, I invite you.”

Now switch the chant to “I am”, repeating these two words until you drift into a meditative state. Be patient. You may see something in your mind, or you may see nothing. If you have a special request, now is the time to make it. When you feel you are finished, thank your guardian, count from one to five, and open your eyes. Take three deep breaths and remain seated for at least three minutes, considering your experience.

Rise from the chair and extinguish the candles clockwise around the chair. Take the lodestone out of the water and dry it thoroughly. Gather up the herbs and place them and the lodestone in the white bag. Place the bag on the altar and let it remain there until the candle is finished burning, or you can extinguish the candle and use it again when you wish to commune with your guardian. Thank the deities, close the quarters and release the circle. Put the guardian bag in a safe place or carry with you on a daily basis. Make a fresh bag once a year.