Green Man Ritual for Blessings and Prosperity


  • Basket
  • Items from nature
  • Modeling clay
  • Incense
  • Salt
  • Holy water
  • Sacred oil
  • Illuminator candles
  • Sweet smelling plants, leaves and flowers

Using your basket, take a walk in the woods, fields, by the beach, or along a creek or river and collect small items from nature that you would like to include in your ritual. Before you remove anything living, ask the universe for permission first. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t take the item — look for something else.

Thank nature and the deities each time you put something in the basket, asking for blessings and prosperity. At some point on your walk, rest and close your eyes. Talk to the Green Man in your mind.

Following the instructions on the clay package, fashion the face of the Green Man with your own hands. When modeling the face, take your time. It doesn’t have to look gorgeous — what is important is that the energy you use and the thoughts you have while you are building your Green Man. As your fingers move through the clay, think of the years of history that belong to that figure. Work some of the items you collected into your design. When you are finished, cleanse and consecrate the image with incense, salt, and holy water. Finish by holding the Green Man image in the sunlight for a few minutes, asking for the cleansing and blessing of heavenly fire. Finally, hold your hands over your work and ask that the Green Man instill the image with the positive energy of harmony and abundance. Place the Green Man in a basket filled with sweet smelling leaves, plants and flowers of the season until you are ready to perform the ritual.

Prepare for ritual by setting up your sacred space, followed by taking a spiritual bath. As the water pours over you, think of your body, mind, and spirit casting off all negative energy. Towel dry and dress in ritual clothing or something loose.

Light the illuminator candles on your altar. Place the basket containing your Green Man project on the center of your altar. Cast the circle. Carry the basket to the north quarter, hold it out toward that quarter, and say:
“I call to the Green Man who resides in the north.
I am the daughter of Earth who summons you forth. From caves and deep forests from fields and their flowers bring abundance and joy in this sacred hour.”

Move to the east, and say:
“Green Man with knowledge who sits in the east please hear my wishes and bless my pleas. Bring abundance and joy on eastern breeze from over the land and across the seas.”

Walk to the south, and say:
“Green Man with fire from out of the south remove from my life negativity and doubt. Instill in this circle courage and growth. Bring blessings and joy; abundance of both.”

Walk to the west, and say:
“Green Man who governs the love and the rain come from the west and push away pain. With each movement I make and breath that I take bring blessings, abundance, and gain.”

Remove the Green Man image from the basket and place in the center of the altar. Set the basket aside. Anoint the eyes and mouth of the Green Man, and say:
“May your eyes be focused on prosperity.
May your mouth utter blessings upon this household.
So mote it be.”

Hold your hands over the image, and say:
“I saw you in the forest, your eyes so deep and green.
I saw you in the fields, dancing there unseen.
I heard your breath of life as you tickled leaf and blade
I wondered at your rippling skin of amber, gold, and jade.
I banish smog and poisons as I bring you in my life.
I release pain and suffering I refuse to live in strife.
Your gifts of joy and bounty are welcome in this place.
Pray bring blessings to each season and touch this sacred space.”

Repeat the words “Blessings, abundance, and gain” nine times, beginning softly and growing louder, concentrating on positive energy surrounding you. After the ninth time, clap your hands three times, saying loudly:
“It is done! So mote it be.
From this day forward I enjoy blessings, gain, and harmony.”

Close the quarters and release the circle. Place the Green Man image wherever you like. Scatter the leaves and flowers from the basket outside to the four quarters, asking for continued blessings for your home from the winds of each direction. Re-empower the statue every six months.