Graduation Ritual


  • Pillar or taper candle in your favorite color
  • Something that signifies your advancement (certificate, badge, hat, etc.)
  • 2 sheets of laminating plastic
  • Card wishing yourself success
  • Dried flower
  • Photo of yourself
  • Cornmeal or painted pentacle on a large plate
  • Incense
  • Scissors

Time: Full moon (representing harvest) or new moon (representing beginnings)

Cleanse, consecrate and empower all supplies. Place what you have earned in the center of the pentacle. Set the power candle at the top of the pentacle. With careful thought, write a secret wish to yourself on the inside of the graduation card.

Light the incense and carry around the room or sacred area. Cast the circle and call the quarters. Walk to the center of your pentacle and stand in the God position.

Concentrate on your image of the God in your mind and feel yourself filling with the power and strength of the Master of the Universe. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Stand in the Goddess position, opening your arms to the gifts and enchantments of the Mistress of the Universe. Feel Her move through your body. Take a deep breath and lower your arms, welcoming your connection to all that is.

Hold the power candle in your hands and think about your wondrous accomplishment. Be proud of yourself! Believe that the pathway ahead will be filled with joy and opportunity. Light the candle in honor of your present success and to draw future positive energies toward you.

Peel the backing off of one of the laminated sheets. Artfully place the card of congratulations, flower, and your picture on the sticky side of sheet. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, peel the backing off the second laminated sheet and place it on top of your creations (sticky-side down and smooth side on top) to form your magickal success packet. As you smooth out the bubbles, believe that this smoothing process is helping to level out the road ahead. When you are finished, trim your new success packet and put it in a safe place. Thank the deity for all that you have accomplished and the help that you have received along the way. Be sure to ask for future success for yourself and for anyone who has assisted you. Dismiss the quarters and release the circle. If possible, allow the candle to burn down completely, then bury the cool end somewhere on your property. After the ritual, store any memorabilia from the recent past and carefully pack it away.

When you reach the next milestone in your life, repeat the ceremony and make a new packet. With a paper punch, punch a hole in the top of both packets and tie them together with a ribbon. As your success continues to grow, these packets can work together to launch you into the type of lifestyle that you imagine for yourself in the future.