Gentle Rain Spell


  • Cotton balls
  • Handful of rice
  • Small empty jar
  • Blue construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Blue glitter
  • 3 small silver bells
  • 17 inch piece of blue yarn

In sacred space, cleanse, consecrate, and empower all supplies for life-giving, gentle rain. Be specific.

Place the rice in the jar and close the lid tightly. Cut the construction paper to fit the flat portions of the outside of the jar and glue it in place. Decorate the blue paper with rain drops. Put blue glitter on the raindrops. Glue wisps of cotton near the bottom of the jar and allow to dry. Tie the three bells in the center of the blue yarn, one inch apart. Wrap the blue yarn around the jar underneath the lid, tie it securely and cut off the excess yarn. You now have a "thunder bumper".

Go outside and sit on a hill or a place where you have a good view of the sky. Close your eyes and begin visualizing gentle rain. Begin shaking your rainmaker. Keep up the visualization as long as you can. You might like to add the following chant to your visualization:
"Gentle rain
Drops of water
Send your gifts
To the thirsty ground."

If it doesn't rain in twenty-four hours, go outside and repeat the spell.