Full Moon Ritual


  • Teaspoon of rosemary
  • Bowl of water
  • White candle

Go outside to experience the full moon or sit near a window where the full moon shines, light a white candle to symbolize the light of the full moon.

Cast your circle, hold the bowl in your hands and light it above your head chant:
“By the shining power of the lady's light this water is purified and made clean.”

Set the bowl down where the moon light or candlelight shines upon it. See the reflection of the light on the water's surface.

When the surface of the water is still hold the rosemary in one hand and chant:
“Through the cleansing power of the earth this herb brings purity.”

Add the rosemary to the water. Dip a finger into the water and touch each part of your body listed below and say:
Third eye (forehead): “May my intentions be pure.”
Lips: “May my words be pure.”
Chest: “May my love be pure.”
Hands: “May my actions be pure"
Feet: "May my path be pure.”

Feel the power of the full moon's light and the cleansing rosemary move through your body bringing light and purity into every cell. Knowing that this energy will continue to guide and inspire you over the next moon cycle thank the Goddess for her blessing. You can drain the rosemary from the water and keep the consecrated water for future purifications and blessings or pour the water into the earth outside as and offering.