Friendship Oil Spell


  • Pink candle
  • Vial of strawberry oil
  • Tiny quartz crystal (small enough to fit into the vial)

Draw the magick circle and call in the elemental powers. Light the candle, and invite your favorite God and/or Goddess into the circle. Hold the vial of oil in your hands, rolling it between them so that it becomes war. Add the tiny crystal to the bottle of oil. Then roll the oil between your hands again, and say:
“Oil of friendship, caring, sharing and beauty
Bring the joy and happiness of friendship to me
By the power of the element, as I will, so shall it be!”

Place the vial of oil on your altar for thirteen days. After this time, use the friendship oil for anointing yourself just prior to going out to parties, class, sporting events, work, or whenever you want to make new friends.