Favorite Pet Protection Spell


  • Venus water
  • Your pet

On a full moon sit or recline with your pet outside under the moon, or indoors where you can see the moon.

Take with your pet, and praise him/her. Tell your animal friend how much you care for them, most of us have little nicknames and words of endearment we say to our pets. As you do this, imagine a protective sphere of bright white light surrounding your pet.

Next, take the Venus water, and anoint your pet with three drops, stroking the water into the animal’s fur or skin. As you do this, merge with your pet, and say this protective blessing:
"I call upon the Moon Goddess and Horned God,
I call upon the starspun powers of Oneness,
I call upon all of the living creatures of the earth
By Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, by Divine will,
I ask that you work this protective spell,
Please guard (name) while sleeping and waking,
And protect this animal from all negativity and harm.
In all worlds, in all times! So be it! Blessed be!"

Tell your pet how much you love them, and then let your pet go. Clap your hands three times.

Everyday to reinforce the protective energy of this spell, take a few minutes and imagine your pet being surrounded with a protective sphere of divine white light.

It is also suggest using brown or blue collars for your pet, with a hematite ring and a tag of identification securely fastened to the collar.