Fall Ritual


  • Nuts, apples, squash, pumpkins, grapes
  • Orange altar cloth
  • Fall leaves
  • Grape wine/cider
  • Spirit candle
  • Black construction paper
  • Cup of water
  • Quarter symbols

Use the nuts, apples, squash, pumpkins, or grapes to decorate your circle. Litter the leaves on the altar and put a cup of grape juice or cider on the altar along with a Spirit candle, a handful of nuts, and a piece of black construction paper.

This begins in the west, the region associated with fall metaphysically. Start this ritual at sunset, and if possible place at the four quarters symbolic items that you can pick up and hold during the invocation (like a cup of water or a shell, seeds or soil, a fan, and a candle or incense).

West: “Lady of the Waters
I welcome your abundant energy
Let my heart overflow with gladness.”

North: “Earth Mother
I welcome your harvest
Let me reap seeds of character.”

East: “Lord of the Winds
I welcome your changes
Let me breathe deeply the air of thoughtfulness”

South: “Fire Father
I welcome your warm protection
Let me burn with Spirit’s embers”

The Ritual
Go to the altar and hold the cup high up to the sky saying:
“Gods and Goddesses of Earth and the harvest, you have been generous once more and now I return your kindness with thankful heart.”

Pour half the water in the cup onto the earth to return the gift given by the soil. Next, state:
“I harvest and accept the ability to (characteristic or attribute desired).”

Take a sip then replace the cup on the altar.

Afterward take the candle from the altar and hold it in both hands while thinking intently about one question that lies heavy on your heart. Visualize the question in symbolic or literal terms, if possible. When you feel ready, tip the candle toward the black paper so the wax freely drips down saying:
“Spirit of insight, reveal the answer.
Open my inner sight so I can see what you place here.”

Let the candle keep dripping in a random pattern for three to four minutes, then replace the candle. Let the paper dry through the rest of the ritual; you can scry it for interpretive value later during the grounding time.

Finally, hold both hands, palms down, over the nuts (shells on) saying:
“Spirit of Providence, fill — fill!
By your power, by my will!”

Keep the nuts and open them only when you have a pressing need, opening the nut releases the magick. One should be planted in the earth to fulfill the planet’s needs.

Closing the Circle
Move counterclockwise, beginning in the East.

East: “The winds grow quiet, but the magick stays
To keep me judicious and thrifty each day.
Hail and farewell.”

North: "The earth is weary, but potential remains
To grand strong foundations, when the sun wanes.
Hail and farewell.”

West: “The waters chill, but house life deep within
To feed the spirit, so let the Wheel spin!
Hail and farewell.”

South: “The fires die down, but the coals still burn
To maintain our soul, and the lessons it has learned.
Hail and farewell.”