Fairy Spell


  • Fairy dust
  • Your magickal tools

On a waxing moon, sit in your magickal circle with your tools, and fairy dust.

Relax and visualize walking trough the portal to the magickal Realm of Fairy. Walk trough this wondrous place and drink in the magick. You may see the little critters peeking at you from their hiding places, flying overhead, or you may just hear a tiny giggle. Get the feel of what it is like to be around fairies. When you’re ready, come back through the portal and open your eyes in your magick circle.

Now you can begin by chanting this verse:
“Come little fairies, come to me,
Make yourself known so I can see.
Gifts I’ll bring and respect I’ll show,
Fly all around me to and fro.
Help me wit my magickal quest,
Make it strong then you can rest.
Elemental gifts are my desire,
Water, Air, Earth and Fire.
Swift is the magick, make it so,
Send high above and down below.
Do not dawdle, do not tarry,
Your job is my magick rite to carry.
Come little fairies by dark and by light,
Illuminate the magick have it take flight.
Weave the intent of my magickal spell,
Talk to the gods and make it work well.
Come little fairies, come to me,
This is my will, so mote it be!”

When you are finished, blow the fairy dust around the circle. Then sit very still and quietly and wait for them to appear. You may not see them at first, but you may feel their presence as an itch or a tickle in your hair. After they have arrived, do your intended magickal work. When you have finished, leave some sweet milk out for them, some silver coin, or shiny objects.