Fairy Money Spell


  • A nice saucer or small plate
  • 3 very shiny coins
  • Other small shiny items
  • Milk or alcohol (like wine or brandy)
  • A couple of cookies and candies
  • Honey cakes (if you don't have any honey cakes, you can just use some bread drizzled with honey)

One very good way to gain what you need is to give something to someone who can help you. Fairies are sure to lend you a helping hand if you give them something that they can use in return.

Set these things out in the garden overnight. Try to choose a place that feels out-of-the-way and a little sheltered. Fairies like little overgrown places. As you set the gifts down, ask the fairies for what you need, not what you want. Leave the gifts overnight.

You can bring the dishes in in the morning. Leave anything that has not been consumed in the grass or bushes. Thank them before you go back inside.

Remember that this will get you what you need. It cannot make you rich or win the lottery. It will allow you to get by until you can get back on your feet.

Remember that magick should never be used for profit. Never ask for something that you do not absolutely need. Trust that you will be provided for.