Exam Affirmation


  • Current calendar that you will only use for magick
  • 2 new pencils
  • Piece of clean white paper
  • Small red bag or piece of cloth
  • Rubber band

Time: New moon, full moon, your birthday or as otherwise mentioned

Cleanse and consecrate all supplies with the four elements in a magick circle.

Pick a key affirmation, such as Success, success, success!.

Empower the calendar and the pencils with this affirmation. Dedicate the pencils and the calendar to Hermes. On the piece of paper, write the following:
Every time I use these pencils while studying or for an examination, I will be filled with confidence and poise and I will be able to retain and recall any and all necessary information that is applicable to the work at hand. I will confidently know what to study and I will pass any and all examinations with great success. So mote it be.

Wrap the paper around the pencils and secure with a rubber band. Place in the red bag. Thank Hermes, close the quarters, and release the circle.

To Activate:
Each evening open the red bag and remove the paper from the pencils. Read the paper aloud and set aside. Use the pencils while studying. When you are finished for that time period, place your magick calendar on top of your notes. Find the date of the exam and circle it with a blue or purple pen. Hold your hands over the date, and say:
“I will be calm, cool, and collected before, during, and after the exam.”

Then state:
“I will pass the exam with an excellent grade, or better.”

Choose the grade you are shooting for, and write that down on the calendar day. Say both statements out loud ten times while you hold your hands over that date.

Complete this process by once again reading the spell intent affirmation on the white paper. Roll the pencils in the paper, secure, and place in the red bag until you are ready to study again.

On the day of the exam, repeat all affirmations in this spell before you leave the house. Remember to take your lucky pencils with you and use them during the exam.

Do not lend your pencils to someone else, as their energy might taint your magickal work.