Evening Rite


  • Cup of water
  • Stone
  • Incense
  • A candle

Begin by reflecting on the day that has just passed. Contemplate the energies you have experienced, which things went as you had hoped and which things you would like to have changed if given the chance.

Place a cup of water and a stone on your altar. Light some incense and a candle. Invoke the mysteries of the night with this charge:
"Queen of the night, radiant goddess who shines forth in her many aspects through the myriad of stars, bless this coming darkness. I ask for your blessing as a devotee who seeks to honor you and learn your great mysteries."

Hold the incense aloft and say:
"As the curling whispers of smoke rise to greet the night sky, so does my mind rise along the rivers of dreamtime to welcome you, beloved Goddess, into my dreams. I invoke you and I invite you to inspire my dreams that I may experience your divine grace."

Light the candle and meditate on its softly glowing flame. Use these words or improvise your own:
"I step between the worlds into a world both in and out of time. The candle lights my path as the moon lights the night sky. I gaze upon your great beauty in wonder, Goddess of the ages, Lady of mystery, thou who are brighter than all the stars."

Hold your cup or chalice and take a sip of water:
"May your abundance flow through me, may dreams and visions come to me. May the unseen and the power of sight granted to me that I may perceive in the night that which is unknowable by day."

Pick up your stone and hold it to your third eye, and say:
"Rare gem of the night, send forth your light to guide me through the darkness. I enter into your starry realm in love and trust, abandoning all fear with the knowledge that you are with me ever, in my thoughts and in my dreams as I do not merely sleep, but awaken to your presence."

As in the morning rite, you may substitute the specific name of a particular goddess to whom you are devoted.