Esbat Ritual


  • Bell
  • Cakes and ale

The Erecting the Temple is performed.

Priest/ess: "Once more we meet together, one with another, to share our joy of life and to reaffirm our feelings for the gods."

Coven Member: "The Lord and the Lady have been good to us. It is meet that we thank them for all that we have."

Second Coven Member: "They also know that we have needs and they listen to us when we call upon them."

Priest/ess: "Then let us join together to thank the God and the Goddess for those favors they have bestowed upon us. And let us also ask of them that which we feel we need; remembering always that the gods help only those who help themselves."

Then should follow three or four minutes of silence while each, in their own way, gives thanks or requests the help of the gods. Bell is rung three times.

Priest/ess: "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt."

All: "An' it harm none, do what thou wilt."

Priest/ess: "Thus runs the Wiccan Rede. Remember it well. Whatever you desire; whatever you would ask of the gods; whatever you would do; be assured that it will harm no one — not even yourself. And remember that as you give, so it shall return threefold. Give of yourself — your love; your life — and you will be thrice rewarded. But send forth harm and that too will return thrice over."

Here there should be music and song. If you have a favorite song, or chant, to the Lord and the Lady, use it. Or someone may produce something extemporaneously. If you have instruments, play them. If not, at the very least clap hands and chant the names of the God and the Goddess. Enjoy this for a few minutes.

Priest/ess: "Beauty and Strength are in the Lord and the Lady both. Patience and Love; Wisdom and Knowledge."

If the Esbat is taking place at either the Full or the New Moon, then the appropriate segment is inserted at this point. Otherwise go directly to the cakes and ale.