Enchanted Door Spell


  • Pictures, your favorite quotes, etc
  • Your favorite magick oil and incense
  • Holy water
  • White candle
  • Bell
  • Salt
  • Favorite poem or incantation below written on a 3x5 inch card
  • Tape

Time: New or full moon

Carry the four elements around your room in a clockwise direction, envisioning the area being cleansed with white or blue light. Silently pass the four elements over both sides of the door. Sprinkle the holy water on the doorknob and at the base of the door. Toss just a bit of salt at the threshold. With the oil, draw an equal-armed cross on the four corners of both sides of the door. Ring the bell three times. Read the poem/incantation on the card, then attach it in the center of the door. Hold your hands over the card and repeat the contents twice more.

Now, blow three deep, slow breaths on the surface of the door. Ring the bell three times to seal the spell. Repeat the chant three times every thirty days, and ring the bell three times. You can also repeat the spell whenever you feel angry or sad.

Enchanted Door Incantation
"By oil and water, censer and light
I enchant this door with magick bright
Each time it opens love will grow
Each time it closes hate will go.
With pictures, words, and thoughts of life
I end unhappiness, pain, and strife
And ever when I ring the bell
I breathe new life into this spell.
Love and peace are now my names
I grow in wisdom, joy, and fame
By light of moon and might of sun
As I will it shall be done
And as above or so below
I'm in control — just so you know."