Elf Locker Spell


  • Holy water
  • Locker mirror
  • Black pepper
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Mist bottle

At home, empower the mirror for protection.

Put the holy water in a mist bottle.

At school/work, hang the mirror, asking the locker elves to protect your locker. Spray the inside of it with the holy water (spray lightly to avoid ruining papers). Sprinkle the pepper at the bottom of the locker to keep thieves away. State:
"Dancing elves and fairy glen
Weave the magick out and in.
Twilight dell and forest deep
Keep my things from every thief."

Slam your locker and say:
"So mote it be!"

At home, set the milk and honey outside to nourish the fairies. Renew every three months.