Elemental Strength Spell


  • Piece of wood the size of your thumb print
  • Piece of leather the length of your arm
  • The Elements

Obtain a piece of wood the size of your thumb print, and inscribe thereon a magickal symbol of stability. Attach there unto a piece of leather the length of your arm, which has been heated over flame, dipped in a lake, hung in the wind, and buried in the Earth. Attach this to the piece of wood, and place the wood in your mouth, using it to tighten a knot in the leather as you wrap the leather around your upper arm. You shall have the strength of the oak and the toughness of the leather so long as the knot remains tied.

Feel the force of the flame well up within you as you inhale, and let it grow in your belly as you hold it there. Then release the breath and its flame into your cupped hands, which you then apply to the skin of another. This results in a transfer of the flame into the recipient, causing them injury or distress.

Reflect the power of the sun or the moon upon still waters, and stir the luminary’s reflection into the water. Wash yourself in the water, instructing it to cover you with the light of the celestial body.