EbonyDoe’s Self-Dedication Ritual


  • Bath salt
  • Regular salt
  • Candles for bath
  • 6 tea candles
  • Self candle
  • 2 illuminator candles
  • Anointing oil
  • Gift to self
  • Incense and burner
  • Music and player
  • God and Goddess candles
  • Parchment
  • Pen
  • White string
  • Cake and wine/juice
  • Image of God and Goddess
  • Holy water
  • Athame
Altar Setup

Pre-ritual Bath
Run a tub of warm water adding to it two or three drops of scented oil and some bath salt. Turn out the lights and light the candles and incense. Relax in the tub and meditate. Once fully relaxed and at peace, drain the water and dress in ritual clothes (optional).

Cast the circle and say:
"I call forth the Lord and Lady, whose names are many, but to me are (God) and (Goddess), to stand witness to my rebirth."

Light the candle for the God and Goddess as well as the illuminator candles. Arrange the six tea candles into a pentacle, with the sixth one in the center. Say:
"By the flame of the star and the power inside, I vow myself to you."

Place holy water and oil on each of your chakra points. Hold your gift up to each of the elemental points starting with Earth and say:
"Earth, rich and strong, accept me as thy child."

Then sprinkle salt over the gift. Next do with air, passing it through incense smoke, water and place a drop of holy water on it and finally fire passing it over the tea candles. Then copy the following onto the parchment:
I, (mundane name), in the presence of the Lord and Lady, whose names are (God) and (Goddess), am reborn on this hallowed eve of (full date). From the ashes of death, in radiant shine, the phoenix rises again. I too shall raise and from this moment forth be known as (magickal name).

Sign it and tie it into a scroll with the white string. Place it somewhere safe and reread and resign it again next year. After words, sit and reflect and partake of the cake and wine/juice. Bid the God and Goddess farewell and pull up the circle.