Dynamite Diana Spell


  • Black paint
  • White paint
  • 6 stones smaller than the palm of your hand
  • Your picture
  • Holy water
  • Picture or statue of the Goddess
  • Piece of white paper
In sacred space, paint five stones black and one white. As you paint, repeat the word "Protection". Allow to dry. Paint the rune Algiz (24chxub.jpg) in black on the white stone and in white on the black stones. Allow to dry.

Cast your magick circle, call the quarters, and do your altar devotion. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower the six stones and your picture for protection. Draw a pentacle in holy water on the back of your picture. Place your picture under the picture or statue of the Goddess.

Draw a large pentacle on the paper. Arrange the five black stones in a star pattern: one on top, one on each side, and one stone on each of the lower points. Put the white stone in the middle. Hold your hands over the stones and say:
"Gracious Diana
Lady of the Moon
Daughter of Aradia
I call you this night/day
To help me, I pray.
Bless me with your protection
Your love, and your guidance.
Keep all harm from me
And let me walk in the circle
Of your light.
So mote it be!"

Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by white light. This white light will stay with you wherever you go. Keep the white stone with you for your protection. Thank Spirit, close the quarters and release the circle. Leave the black stones where they lie.