Dream Knight Protection Ritual


  • Warm bath
  • 3 pinches of thyme
  • 3 lemon slices
  • Jasmine oil
  • 3 white candles
  • 3 blue candles
  • Clear glass of water
  • Sandalwood incense and censor
  • Ballpoint pen or quill

Time: Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday night on or just before the full moon.

Begin by taking a warm bath and adding the thyme, lemon slices, and tree drops of jasmine oil to the water. Soak for at least ten minutes. As you bathe, breathe deeply by inhaling for three counts, holding your breath to the count of three, and then exhaling completely. As you do this, imagine a protective egg of white light surrounding you.

As you soak in your magickal bath, take a few minutes to decide what you would like to ask your Dream Knight when you meet him/her. Is there someone or something you need your Dream Knight to protect you from? Make a mental note of the things you would like to say when you meet. I also suggest you jot down a few questions or ideas for your Dream Knight as soon as you get out of the bathtub. Put your notes on your altar where you can refer to them. Dip the six candles into the bath water before draining it. Dry the candles, and then place them on your altar, along with the pen, and a clear glass of water.

Next, draw a magick circle of blue-white light, call in the elemental powers, and light the incense. Focus on the purpose of the ritual, and state your intent and expectation:
"I am here tonight to make contact with,
And gain protection from my Dream Knight."

Then use the pen or quill to inscribe the words “Dream Knight” on the first blue candle. Next, apply a thin film of jasmine oil on the candle body, and put it in its holder on the altar. Wipe the oil off your hands, and light the candle. Merge with the candle flame, and say:
“May this candlelight stretch beyond
Across the celestial realms to all worlds.
Creating a path of light for my Dream Knight,
To come now and protect me tonight.”

Use the pen or quill to inscribe the words, “Dream Knight” on the second blue candle, and then apply jasmine oil to the candle body. Place the candle in its holder, and wipe the oil from your hands. Merge with the candle flame, say:
“May this spirit light reach beyond
Across the celestial realms to all worlds.
Building a bridge of light for my Dream Knight
To cross now and protect me tonight.”

Inscribe the same words, “Dream Knight”, on the third blue candle, once again applying oil to the candle body, and putting the candle in its holder on the altar. Wipe the oil off your hands, light the candle, and merging with the flame, say:
“May these three lights shine beyond
Across the celestial realms to all worlds.
Weaving a thread of light for my Dream Knight
To follow now and protect me tonight.”

Next, inscribe the word “Protection” on the three white candles, and dress them with jasmine oil. Place them in their holders, positioning them in front of the three blue candles. Wipe your hands, and then light the white candles, one at a time. As you do, merge with each flame, and say:
“May this spirit flame burn true
Dream Knight now let me see you!”

Position the clear glass of water in the middle of the candles, and sit or recline comfortably. Gaze into the glass of water, while chanting the words “Dream Knight”, over and over. Just keep gazing at the water, blinking naturally, and remaining focused on the glass. Allow whatever images or sensations to occur in the water. Eventually a misty shadow, figure, or face will appear in the water. The image usually appears within a few minutes to about twenty-five minutes. When a shape appears, ask the image if he or she is your Dream Knight. You will sense an answer. If it’s not, then stop the ritual, and pull up the circle and try again another night. If the answer is yes, proceed with your request or questions. Then ask your Dream Knight to return when you call him or her by name. When you are finished communicating, thank your Dream Knight, and make a note of any answers or messages you receive. Allow the candles to burn safely down, or snuff them out. As you drift to sleep, repeat silently:
“Dream Knight protect me
So be it, blessed be!”

Know that your Dream Knight is always there to protect and guide you, especially in your sleep.

In the morning, drink the glass of water, write down what you recall of your dreams, bid farewell to the elemental powers, and pull up the circle.