Don't Call Me Spell


  • Piece of white paper
  • Black marker
  • Black pepper
  • Small envelope
  • Person's picture (optional)

On the paper, write the person's name if you know it, if no then say something like:
The person who keeps calling me and hanging up.

Put a big X over their name. Underneath their name, write:
Please stop calling me.

Hold the pepper in your hand, and say:
"Element of Earth, please keep (person's name) from calling me.
Please build a wall of protection around me.
Lend me your power.
Lend me your magick.
So mote it be!"

Sprinkle pepper over the person's name. Add their picture on top, if you have it. Fold the paper so the pepper won't escape and put the paper in the envelope. Seal the envelope. Hold the envelope in your hands and say:
"Guardian angel, (person's name) keeps calling me and I have no desire to speak to them.
Please don't let them call me anymore."

Close your eyes. Picture the person picking up the phone, then putting it down without calling you. See them shaking their head, as if they are telling themselves they don't want to call you. Open your eyes. Place the envelope under your phone. Now, hold your hands over your phone and say:
"May only positive phone calls reach me.
Negative messages fly away.
Don't call back another day."

Repeat this chant until you feel comfortable.