Do You Believe in Magick Ritual


  • 3 white candles
  • Lavender scented oil
  • Silver bell
  • Cool water
  • Cotton ball/handkerchief

Wash the candles in cool water, dry them, and then rub lavender oil on them. Put them in their holders on the altar.

Anoint yourself with the lavender oil. Then draw a magick circle of bright green light and call in the elemental powers. Ring the bell three times each time you light one of the candles. When all of the candles are lit, say:
"Magick rings, three times three
Spells and dreams, red and green
By the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Sea
By the ancient powers of the fairies
Bless my life with magick. Blessed be!"

Now ring the bell seven times, and then sit back. Breathe rhythmically to the count of three: breathe in, counting to three, hold your breath for three counts, then exhale to the count of three. Do this three times.

Then begin to imagine yourself standing in the middle of a circular grove of oak trees. Walk over to the oak closest to you, and touch the coarseness of the oak tree’s bark. The moment your skin makes contact with the tree, you see a circular chasm abruptly appear in the ground at the foot of the oak. It looks like a dark green ring, a magickal ring that opens into a different reality — an Otherworld. As you look deep into the opening, you can see strange yet familiar people in this place, fertile fields, gleaming rivers twisting to the seas, as well as forests and dwellings.

You enter the opening, climbing through the ring and down into the chasm, following a long steep winding passage. Moving to the end of the passageway, you find yourself at the edge of a bright, moonlit village. An oddly refreshing wind flips across the land and over your skin, and suddenly everything seems filled with the curious stillness of a magickal realm. You begin to see and sense the starspun fairies gathering all around you, communicating with you. You can see and sense their energies empowering you, and filling you with brilliant starlight. Allow the starspun fairy light to completely fill you. Write down your experience in your book of shadows if you like.

Allow the candles to safely burn down on their own, and then ring the bell three times. Thank the fairies, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.

Put a few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball or handkerchief, and put it in your pocket or desk. Take it out to remind you that the world is a magickal place.