Discover the Truth


  • Divination incense (rose or honeysuckle)
  • Blue candle (for truth)
  • Purple candle (for divination)
  • Personal candle (your color)

To discover the truth about a friend or loved one, to know if someone is lying to you, to find out if what you know about someone or something is true. Be careful, sometimes we only think we want to know the truth. Make sure you are prepared to cope with the consequences of learning the truth.

Place the purple candle on the left side of the altar, your personal candle in the middle, and the blue candle on the right.

Light the incense. Concentrate on the truth you are seeking as you pass each candle through the incense smoke.

Light the Purple Candle and say:
“May the goddess enlighten me.”

Light the Blue Candle and say:
“May I find the truth I seek.”

Light your personal candle and say:
“May my mind be open to all that is true, no matter how painful it might be.”

Now sit quietly for half an hour. Try to quiet the chatter that happens in everyone’s mind so that you can hear the truth when it comes.

When you have been enlightened, extinguish the candles and thank the Goddess for her enlightenment.