Dieting Dragon Dream Spell


  • Cedar incense and censor
  • White candle
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Dragon’s blood oil
  • Feather
  • Salt water

Wash the candle in cool salt water, dry it, and then place it on the altar. Draw a magick circle and call in the elemental powers. Next, light the incense, and then use the pen to write the words “Tame the Dragon” on the candle body. Carve your initials on top of the words, and then dress the candle with the dragon’s blood oil. Put the candle in its holder on the altar. Wipe the oil off your hands, and light the candle.

As you do, merge with the salamander spirit (a small dragon) within the candle, and say:
"Dragon spirit of Fire and candle light
Help me tame the dieting dragon tonight.
As I will, so mote it be!"

Next, bathe the feather in the smoke for a few minutes, hold it in your dominant hand, and say:
"Smoke of the dragon
Transform my body,
Light as a feather
Shedding my unwanted weight,
Eating foods that are healthy
Fresh and alive with energy,
With this, I can be the shape I want to be.
So be it! So dream it!"

Place the feather on your altar in front of the candle. Let the candle burn down on its own, and as you drift to sleep, imagine yourself being light as a feather.

In the morning, pull up the magick circle, tank the dragon spirits, and bid farewell to the elements. Stick the feather on your refrigerator as a reminder that you have successfully tamed the dragon, and are on your way to losing that unwanted weight and becoming light as a feather.