• 2 illuminator candles
  • God and Goddess candles
  • Athame or wand
  • Pentacle
  • Chalice
  • Plate
  • Cakes and drink
  • Bell
  • Dedication gift
  • 4 items to be placed on the altar to represent the elements
  • Robe
  • White cord

Beginning with the East, call the quarters, saying:
“Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle.
Powers of Air, move thy cool essence about me as I journey Between the Worlds.”

Then move to the South, then West and end at the North. At each quarter, a pentagram is draw in the air and the guardian is verbally invoked. You should imagine that this symbol is roaring with blue flames. When you have called the quarters, face the center of the circle and make mention that you are now Between the world by saying:
“This Circle is Cast and I am between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where day and night, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one.”

Now, meld your energy with that of the God/dess. When you have aligned yourself with those energies, you then invoke them, or call them to the circle:
“I, (name), am (deity) incarnate. In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power of (deity).”

When you align yourself with the deities, light a candle for each one on the altar.

The next step is to state your purpose. In the act of honor, continue by blessing the cakes and wine. While focusing your energy on meeting with the divine, slowly lower your athame into the cup and imagine the God and Goddess joining together. After this procedure has been completed, partake of the offering and leave one behind for the deities, saying:
“Oh might (deity), (deity title), I have come this night to honor thy presence and to give thanksgiving for bringing my custody bearing to a successful end.”

Ring the bell three times, then say:
“I have cast this circle this night to perform the act of dedication of my mind, body and spirit to the Lady, Her Consort, and to the religion and science of Witchcraft.
From this day forward, I will honor and respect both the Divine and myself. I will hold two perfect words in my heart: Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
I vow to honor the path I have chose, the Divine and myself.”

Pick up your wand or athame and say:
“I vow to hold the ideology of the Craft in my heart and my mind for the totality of this lifetime, and beyond.”

Point the wand/athame at your feet and say:
“Blessed be my feet, may they always walk the path of the eternal and Divine light.”

Point to your knees and say:
“Blessed be my knees as I kneel at the altar of my faith, not in supplication, but in thanksgiving.”

Point to your groin and say:
“Blessed be my womb that holds and produces the creation of the human essence. I vow to guide, protect and teach the children of the world.”

Point to your chest and say:
“Blessed be my heart that it may beat steady and true. May the warmth of my love spread throughout the galaxy.”

Point to your lips and say:
“Blessed be my lips that they shall utter truth and purity of mind and soul. May wisdom flow for the benefit of all humankind.”

Point to your third eye area and say:
“Blessed be my astral sight, that I may see through the veil of life with the truth of the Divine.”

Ring the bell seven times. Take a white cord and wrap it firmly around your hand, with the knife handle in your palm. Now say:
“I, (mundane name), in the presence of the Universe, do of my own free will and mind, most solemnly swear that I will ever abide by the religion and science of The Craft. I shall neither harm my fellow human with the secrets that I learn, nor shall I flaunt my beliefs or power before them. Henceforth, from this day, I shall be reborn as (name) and shall honor, respect and cherish this oath I have taken.”

Unwind the cord and place it on the altar. Ring the bell nine times.

Hold the chalice in your left hand and pour from the decanter with your right. Dip your dedication gift into the goblet and place it on your body. Hold the chalice in both hands aloft and say:
“With the partaking of this wine I take into my body that of the Goddess and seal my oath forever.”

Drink half of the wine and hold the half-filled goblet up to the God/dess and say:
“Accept this wine as my offering of thanksgiving.”

Hold the plate up and say:
“As grain is the bounty of the Goddess, and the eating of it denotes the sacrifice of the Lord and his rebirth, I seal my oath forever as I take into my body that of the Consort!”

Then stand facing the altar and say:
“I, (name), wish to thank the Lord and Lady for presiding over this dedication ritual. May we together walk within the light, forever.”

Hold your wand above your head, and as you circle the room while moving your arm in a counter-clockwise motion, say:
“This circle is open, but never broken.”

At the same time, envision your circle as being opened. Remember to snuff out the candles you do not wish to leave burning and prepare them for burial.