Deathbed Prayer

I want to lie down in dappled leaf-shade,
In quivering shadows of quivering leaves —
Be they oak, be they maple,
Be they elm or birch

I want to rest in the play of the shadows
Over my reclining form,
The massage of shadows
Which consoles me in its way,
Restores for me
With whatever restoration
Flickering shadows of leaves afford —
Be they willow or aspen,
Be they poplar of beech,
I want to be caressed by shadows
Of wavering leaves,
Soothed off to sleep
Feeling the gentle breeze,
Looking up at the rustling
Sun-drenched crown —
Be it basswood, be it chestnut,
Be it walnut or hickory,
After all is said,
After all is done,
This is the way
I would die.