Dandelion Blossom Oil


  • Mixing cup
  • Jar with a tight lid
  • 1 chopstick
  • Cold-pressed olive oil (amount determined by size of jar)
  • Grapeseed oil (amount determined by size of jar)
  • Dandelion blossoms
  • Bottle or other storage container

The dandelions should be gathered at high noon on a sunny day. This imbues them magickally with the radiant energy of the sun, and for practical purposes, ensures that the blossoms will be dry.

Fill your jar completely with the blossoms and in a separate cup, combine equal amounts of the olive oil and grapeseed oil. You'll need enough oil to completely fill the jar.

Pour the oil over the blossoms and use the chopstick to press out the air bubbles.

Place the cap on the jar and label it with the name and date. Keep the jar in a cool, dry area, since warmth will cause the dandelions to spoil.

For the first two weeks, you'll need to open the jar every few days to press out the air bubbles and refill the jar with oil up to the top, making sure that afterward, the lid is tightly closed.

After six weeks, you can decant the oil into a pretty bottle or other container and use it for your spells and charms.