Cutting Through the Red Tape Spell


  • 1 skein of red yarn
  • Picture of the outside of the offending business
  • Pair of scissors
  • 13 nails
  • Hammer
  • Old piece of board
  • Holy water
  • Black marker
  • Clear quartz crystal

On the dark of the moon, draw a large spiral with the black marker from the outer edge of the board into the center. Place the picture of the business on the center of the board. Hammer the thirteen nails into the picture about an inch apart from each other, leaving the very center of the picture free. As you hammer use the following alchemical chant:
"Out of the black void
And into the red action
Out of the red action
And into the white Spirit
Out of the white Spirit
And into the gold world
Force and form unite
Negativity be bound
And what I need be free to come to me!"

Place the crystal, empowered for exactly what you need, in the center. Tie one end of the yarn to one nail, the slowly wind the red yard around the nails, repeating the alchemical chant. Take your time. Visualize strongly what you need. When you feel you have finished, use the scissors and cut the yarn from the skein, saying:
"What I need to be free to come to me."

Tie that loose end onto a nail.

Hold your hand over the crystal and repeat the entire alchemical chant one more time, then snatch up the crystal. Carry the crystal until your desire is granted. When you have received what you need, sprinkle the board, nails, and yarn with holy water and throw in the trash, saying:
"All negativity be gone!"

Cleanse the crystal for use another time.