Creating a Fetch


  • Small piece of paper and pen
  • Earth
  • Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Feathers
  • Bodily secretions (saliva, sweat, etc.)
  • Water
  • String
  • Music
  • Chalice of wine
  • Athame
  • Wand
  • Altar candle
  • 4 element candles
  • Incense and charcoal
  • Cloth

Have all things that you require for the rite on your altar and place the elemental candles at each compass point. Light the altar candle.

Using your athame, cast a circle around your work space. Seat yourself before your altar and breathe to quiet the mind.

When you are ready, take up your wand and the altar candle. Go to the gate of Earth, light the candle, raise your wand aloft, and say:
“I call upon the powers of Earth,
By (Goddess), by (God)!
Come to my circle to guard and to guide!”

Draw the invoking pentagram of Earth into the space before you, visualizing the gate and the elementals attending, and then say:
“Blessed be the powers of Earth!”

Go around your circle, then, to Air, to Fire, to Water, and summon the powers of each element. Then return the altar candle and your wand to the altar, and light the charcoal. When it is glowing, place your incense upon it.

Take your athame and hold it, blade point down, over the chalice of wine. Focus on the understanding act of consecration as you lower your blade into the wine saying:
“This Cup is the symbol of Woman and Goddess,
This Blade is the symbol of Man and God.
Conjoined, are They, in the way of Creation!
Life within Death, Death within Life.
Blessed be the fruit of the Vine!”

Drink from the cup and sprinkle a few drops on the ground in libation. Put the music on and let yourself go with it in a dance-to-raise-power. Really let yourself go! Dance ‘til you drop, aroused with pleasure, at your altar. Wait until your breathing, while still deep from dancing, become regular, then hold your hands, fingers spread, over the makings of your fetch and say:
“O Lady of Delight, Goddess of Earth and Bounty!
I call upon you by your ancient of Names
Ishtar; Aphrodite; Hecate; Aradia!
Lend me your Power to see the spell done!
O Lord of the Hunt, my God of the Wild-wood!
I call upon you by your ancient of Names
Herne; O great Pan; Cernunnos; Dionysis!
Lend me your Power to see the spell done!”

Feel and sense the power, thus summoned, flow through you to your fingertips. Knead the beeswax until it is pliant, shaping it into whatever shape is pleasing to your senses, keeping a small cavity open into which you put the written intent and your bodily secretions (leave it open for the moment).Work the earth, that has been mixed to a paste, into the body of the fetch, and then add the feathers.

With your athame, cut the thread into three even lengths, tie them tighter at one end, place that cord between your teeth, and plait the three lengths together while breathing the chant:
“By the ancient awesome Law of Three;
As I do Will so mote it be!”

(Of course it won’t come out sounding like the words, because of the string. It’s the sound, the repetition, the intent that is woven into the plait.)

When the plait is complete, tie off the ends stating the intention of the spell and breathing on it three times. Place the plait into the cavity of the fetch and seal it. Say to the fetch:
“As I make you so I will break you!
You have until (state time frame)
To fetch my desire
Only then will my hand set you free!”

Breathe the breathe of life on it and say:
“By Earth, by Sky, by Sea,
So be it done, so mote it be!”

Visualize the entity of the fetch flying swiftly from its body as it seeks its purpose.

Refuel the censer, drink a sip of the consecrated wine, raise your athame in one hand and your wand in the other, and give thanks to your lady and lord for their assistance in this rite.

Then, taking your wand only, go to each elemental gateway and give honor and farewell to the guardians gathered there, describing the appropriate banishing pentagram before snuffing each flame. Cut your circle open with your athame and snuff the altar candle saying:
“Blessed be; the rite is done.”

Wrap the fetch in some cloth and place it away with your ritual things until its allotted time.

When the time frame is up, you will summon the entity back into the fetch, from within your circle, break the thing to pieces, and consign the pieces to the earth. Only then will the spell unfold.