Create a Protection Amulet


  • Small piece of amethyst
  • Cedar incense and censor
  • Purple candle
  • White candle
  • Blue candle
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Lavender oil
  • Salt water

Time: Full Moon

Begin making your amulet by washing the candles in cool salt water, drying them, and then placing them on the altar with your other supplies. Next, draw a magick circle of lavender-purple light, and call in the elemental powers. Then light the incense, dedicating it to a protective god or goddess.

Use the pen to inscribe the words Protection From Darkness on each of the candles, and then dress them by rubbing lavender oil on them. Place the candles in their holders on the altar in a triangular configuration. Rub three drops of oil over the amethyst, and then position the stone in the middle of the triangle. Wipe the oil off of your hands, and light the candles, dedicating each one to the protector god or goddess you have chosen to help you.

Next, face the altar and focus all of your attention on the amethyst stone. Merge with Oneness, and fill your mind with protective power. Imagine everything that means protection to you, for example, a locked door, a favorite god or goddess, your family, an energy shield, or a large dog.

Now pick up the stone, and holding it between your palms, use deep rhythmic breathing to breathe your feelings and thoughts of protection directly into the amethyst. See and sense your mind energy being absorbed by the stone. Merge with the stone, and say three times:
(God or Goddess), bestow into this stone,
The power to repel all invaders,
Protect me in waking and in dream
Hear me now, so mote it be!”

Put the stone back on the altar, in the middle of the candle triangle, and clap your hands three times. Allow the candles to safely burn down as you drift to sleep. In the morning, bid farewell to the elemental powers, and pull up the circle.

Carry your amethyst amulet on your person during the day, and at night put it inside your pillow case while you sleep. Each week, put three drops of lavender oil on your amulet to reinforce its protective powers.