Create a Portable Sacred Space


  • Small sealable container
  • Ashes from a magickal fire (i.e. any fire previously used for the craft which you can gather ashes from)
  • Feather
  • Crystal or tiny stone
  • Seashell or sand

Take the container and components beneath a full moon (or a window where moonlight shines in). Put the ashes in the container saying:
“Spirit of Fire, I conjure and call you. Leave a small spark of your power in this object to protect and energize my sacred space wherever I may be. Come to life when I say (activating phrase).”

Close up the container, and invoke your patron or patroness to bless your efforts and bind the magick within.

Whenever you want to activate the object, hold it in both hands, center yourself, and whisper the activating phrase three times with purpose. Visualize a bright white light radiating outward from you in the center. This sphere of force will remain in effect until you release it by speaking the activating phrase a fourth time.