Cord Spell


  • Cord

— One — Six — Four — Eight — Three — Nine — Five — Seven— Two —

Put the energy of your magickal intent into the cord. Envision your magick happening, and while you do this, tie nine knots in the cord as you say your spell, using the chart above.

While tying the knots, say:
“By knot of one this string I tie,
Let the magick begin, don’t let it die.
By knot of two it will come true,
Whether I make it for me or you.
By knot of three it comes to be,
The magick will happen as you will see.
By knot of four my message will soar,
Up to the gods whom we adore.
By knot of five the magick’s alive,
It will happen, it will survive.
By knot of six it will be fixed,
The power increasing as the clock ticks.
By knot of seven this spell I’ll leaven,
As the message is carried up to the heavens.
By knot of eight it will not wait,
The magick will happen it won’t be late.
By knot of nine my magick will shine,
It is my will placed in this rhyme.”

When you’re finished, place the tied-up string in a safe place. If you want this magick to be permanent, you can bury the cord in the Earth or you can burn it.

If you keep your knotted cord, you can undo the magick whenever you like.