Consecrate Your Grimoire


  • Yellow candle
  • Frankincense incense
  • Your grimoire/book of shadows

Light a yellow candle and call upon Sophia, the embodiment of holy wisdom, to guide you.

Burn frankincense upon your altar.

Hold the book slightly opened over the rising smoke, allowing it to drift through the pages.

Turn the pages slowly and gently, letting the sacred smoke waft throughout your new book of shadows. Speak the following words, or improvise your own:
"Blessed be this instrument of art, by my hand (or human hands) you were made,
By magick, be now changed!
No more an ordinary book in my eyes
But a grimoire dedicated to the Craft of the Wise.
By all the power of three time three,
As I will so mote it be."

Hold the book on your right hand and place your left hand on top of the book and imagine all of the changes and lessons yet to come.

Imagine all the witches you know of and admire, both contemporary and historical, all those who are older and younger than you. Picture yourself in the middle of a growing circle. To your left are those who are older, to your right are those who are younger. To the left of the elders are those who have passed on. Picture the circle growing as you imagine the lives of all witches who have gone before you. To the right of those who are younger, imagine the cycle of life continuing, extending outward to encompass all of those yet to be born.

Recognize your place in the spiral of time and this task that you have chosen. See yourself within the context of humanity and companionship. When the image is clear in your mind, speak these words aloud:
"Wisdom of the ages
Be with me here now.
Sacred book of changes
This promise I vow:
To honor those who have gone before
To preserve the secrets, legends, and lore
To hold my place in the spiral of time
Contained within my sacred grimoire."