Closure Spell


  • Red candle
  • Small cauldron (anything that can hold a small fire will do)
  • Photograph or lock of hair of whomever the spell was originally cast on
  • A pinch each of Dragon’s blood (powered preferably), peppermint and basil

Time: Best cast on the waning moon.

Start by casting the ritual circle.

When ready to perform spell work, turn facing South with the cauldron before you and the red candle just to the right. Light the photograph from the flame of the red candle and toss it into the cauldron. While doing this, invoke the power of the Southern flame by chanting:
“Harken to the power of Djinn
King of Salamanders, Fire drakes, and of the Consciousness of flame
May thy power guide my hand.”

Then, simply consecrate the flame by sprinkling the herbs into it while commanding:
“My body united one with yours
With my heart I was so blind
Mind is grounded, spirit soars
I release us both now from this bind
By my body, by my heart,
By my spirit, by my mind.”