Clearing the Temple


  • Sword or athame

Priest/ess: "We came together in love and friendship; let us part the same way. Let us spread the love we have known in this Circle outward to all; sharing it with those we meet."

Priest/ess raises sword, or athame, in salute. All coveners raise their athames.

Priest/ess: "Lord and Lady, our thanks to you for sharing this time together. Our thanks for watching over us; guarding and guiding us in all things. Love is the Law and Love is the Bond. Merry did we meet; merry do we part; merry may we meet again."

All: "Merry meet; merry part; merry meet again."

Priest/ess: "The Temple is now cleared. So Mote It Be."

All: "So Mote It Be!"

All kiss their athame blades. They then move about the Temple to kiss one another in farewell.