Cleansing Tools


  • Tool to be cleansed
  • 1 cup very hot water
  • 1 teaspoon mugwort
  • Cloth

To cleanse your divination tools, and in particular your crystal ball, you can prepare a mugwort infusion to wash your crystal ball with.

To do this, gather one teaspoon of dried mugwort, and one cup very hot water. Place the dried mugwort into the water and let this soak for about ten minutes. Strain the tea, and use it as a cleansing agent for your crystal ball, or other tools. Simply dab a small bit of the tea onto a piece of cloth, and rub onto the ball, wiping it off shortly afterwords. This would be ideal for metal or wooden objects, but do not use it for tarot.

Use the mugwort wash for cleansing rune stones, athames, candles, stones, jewelry, and any other durable item, including yourself.

Simply pour the mugwort infusion into your bath water for a full body spiritual cleansing.