Cleansing Ritual


  • A tub to draw a bath
  • A white candle
  • Essential Oil of Myrrh
  • Essential Oil of Frankincense
  • Sea Salt (fine, bath salts)

This ritual is a self cleansing ritual. It was designed to cleans the body, mind and spirit of residual negativity after being involved in magickal battles (specifically, exorcism).

Place the white candle so that it's light can shine upon you when you are in the tub.

Mix nine drops Myrrh and three drops Frankincense into 1/8 cup sea salt. Be certain that you will not be disturbed for at least twenty minutes, preferably an hour. Shut off the phone ringers, etc.

Invoke your sacred space using what means is appropriate for your practice.

Light the candle. Recite the following:
“Spirits of Fire do I call upon thee.
Send thy divine fire and burn through the darkness.
Shed thy light upon me and clear the shadows of my soul.”

Draw a bath of hot (or the warmest you can comfortably get into) water and recite the following:
“Oh spirits of water do I call upon thee.
Enter this sacred space and lend me thy cleansing powers.
From the waters we come and to water we return.”

As the tub fills (about half way), sprinkle the salt into the waters. Recite the following:
“Oh spirits of earth do I call upon thee.
Ground and disperse all that is not of light.
Mix with me and cleans me of the weight of darkness.”

Once filled, settle into the tub. Relax and feel the light and warmth. Breath in the vapors of the oils and recite the following:
“Oh spirits of ear do I call upon thee.
Thou art my breath and my life.
Let me breath in thy light and release the smoke of darkness.”

Breath and feel the energy about and within you. Feel the light of fire burning away that which clings to you. Let the water's warmth wash through you, and lift away the darkness. Feel the salt cling to the darkness and ground it for you. Feel your lungs fill with light and carry out the fog of darkness as you exhale.

Remain in the bath till you feel that all the darkness that will release has left you.

Stand, or kneel, and pull the plug from the tub. As the water drains, recite the following:
“As we come from the waters so shall we return.
Oh earth and water, take from here the darkness.
Disperse it and ground it.
Let it weigh upon me no more.”

Dry off.

Put out the candle.

Thank the divine and the spirits and open your sacred space.