Cleansing and Consecrating Your Sacred Space and Tools


  • Besom
  • 2 illuminator candles
  • Chalice with holy water
  • Lighter
  • 1 silver candle
  • 1 birthday candle
  • A 4 inch diameter pentacle
  • Small bow of earth
  • 4 element candles (red, blue, brown, yellow)
  • Sage incense
  • Black cloth
  • Tools
  • Scented oil

After you have gathered all the necessary items, place everything on the altar and cover them with the black cloth until you are ready to use them.

Take a shower or relaxing bath with scented oil.

Choose clothing that is non-restrictive or you can perform the ritual sky-clad.

When you are nearly ready to begin, place each of the element candles at the appropriate compass points. Place the silver candle on the altar.

Stand before your altar. Breathe deeply. Light the illuminator candles with the lighter or birthday candle.

Circle the room in a clockwise direction and light each element candle.

Pick up your broom and sweep the circle as you walk inside in a clockwise manner. Repeat:
“Sweep, sweep, sweep this place
By Powers of Air, I cleanse this space.”

Shut your eyes and feel the element of air move within the circle. Return to the altar and pick up the silver candle. Light it from the illuminator candle on the left, walk around the inside of the circle in a clockwise manner, and say:
“Light, light, I light this place
By Powers of Fire, I cleanse this space.”

Concentrate on the fire energy entering and flowing around the circle. Return to the altar and pick up the chalice of holy water. As you walk clockwise inside the circle, sprinkle the water with the fingers of your right hand and say:
“Liquid, liquid, I wash this place
By Powers of Water, I cleanse this space.”

Feel the element of water flow in a clockwise direction around the circle.

Return to the altar and pick up the bowl of earth. Walk clockwise around the circle, sprinkle the earth, and say:
“Dirt, dirt, as I walk this place
Powers of Earth, cleanse this space.”

Feel the element of earth bring her gifts to the circle. Return the bowl of earth to the altar and move to the center of the circle. In the Goddess position, say:
“Spirit, spirit, fill this place
Powers of the Divine, consecrate this space!”

Feel the power of the Goddess and God enter yourself and your sacred space. Say:
“I now direct the energy of the Universe to forever fill and bless this place.”

Feel the energy raise from your body and meld with the Universe. When the energy begins to dissipate, turn back to the altar. Lay your hands upon the altar and say:
“This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of light. May it serve me well.”

Stand before the altar and pick up the first item to be consecrated. Imagine a glowing gold light from the heavens spotlighting the item. Pass the item over the incense and say:
“I cleanse and consecrate this (item) for positive means. All negativity is removed from it in any time and space.”

Repeat this process through the remaining three elements. Pass it through the flame, sprinkle it with water and finally with the earth element.

Now, lay the item down on top of your pentacle. Form a triangular opening with your hands. Imagine a silver orb in the opening of your hands. Let it glow brighter and brighter. Raise the energy from your body and gently push it out between your hands and into the silver orb. With your mind, lower the orb onto the item and let it be encompassed. When the energy dissipates, say:
“By the Will of the Lord and Lady I have empowered this (item). May their blessings shine upon and through it always.”

“By the Free Will of All
And with harm to none
As I will
So shall it be done!”

When you are finished, clean up the area and store away all tools and implements that you have used. Take the reaming earth and Holy Water and pour it outside on the ground, and say:
“I thank thee for the use of thy Powers.”