Cleanse a Sacred Space


  • Besom
  • Bowl of water
  • Bowl of salt
  • Incense

With your besom, sweep out the negative energy, and don’t forget to sweep the corners. While you sweep, say:
“Sweep, sweep with this broom
All bad out of this room
Sweep, sweep all good in
The bad to never return again.”

Once you have swept out all the negative energy, you need to consecrate the area. To do this, walk around the room in a circle three times. Each time, carry a representation of an element — first Water, then Earth, then Fire and Air — from your altar.

First take your bowl of water and walk deosil around the circle. As you walk, say:
“I walk the circle once around
To cleanse and consecrate this ground.”

Then pick up your bowl of salt. As you walk deosil around the circle say:
“I walk the circle once again.
Between the worlds all time can bend.”

When you are finished with your second tour around the circle, pick up your censer, which should have smoldering incense in it. As you walk deosil around the circle for the third and final time, say:
“I walk the circle thrice this time
For the protection of the Lord and Lady are mine.”