Clean, Consecrate, and Empower Your First Car


  • Holy water
  • Your choice of magickal oil
  • Protection amulet

On a sunny day, take your supplies outside and set them on the ground near the car. Walk deosil completely around the car, whispering:
"Protection, safety, bring to me.
As I will, so mote it be."

Walk around the car, sprinkling the holy water on the hood, roof, doors, etc., saying:
"May you be cleansed, consecrated, and regenerated in the name of the Lord and Lady. Blessings upon you now as you enter this sacred space."

Make sure you put the water on the headlights and taillights, saying:
"All will see when lit you be."

Next, draw pentacles on each tire with the oil, saying:
"Earth, air, water, fire — protection always on this tire."

Put your hands on the hood of the car, and recite the following:
"Sun above and air around
bless this car upon the ground.
Water, earth, give power too
protective energy, stick like glue.
As the wheels move round and round
angels sing protective sounds.
Let not ill fortune come this way
keep us safe both night and day.
And should some idiot target me
send back that energy three times three.
In the name of (deity),
one heart, one mind, one magick.
One truth, one body, one energy.
In perfect joy and perfect peace
in perfect love and perfect trust
I call forth the power of Spirit
the protection of the angels
and the serenity of divine order.
As above, so below
So mote it be."

Seal the car by drawing an equal-armed cross in the air over the hood of the vehicle. Place the protective amulet you prepared inside the vehicle.

Renew every six months.