Chakra-Charging Spell


  • New crystal to use only for healing

Pick a crystal that you'll use only for healing. It doesn't have to be expensive or big. Quartz points are the best choice for this, since they conduct energy and light very cleanly, and you can buy them for a few bucks, tops. Other good choices are obsidian, hematite, or citrine (yellow or orange-colored quartz). Cleanse it well before the first use, and use it only for healing. Leave it in a window that gets bright sunlight.

When you feel down (physically or emotionally), take it from the windowsill and hold it over whatever spot is bothering you. If you're using a quartz point, go out into the sunlight and catch the rays in the crystal. Point the light into your body. If you're using obsidian or hematite, pull the funk out with the stone during a meditation, and leave the crystal in the sun to cleanse itself.